Why would you spend your vacation in our valley?

Here you can find many natural attractions, quiet corners, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ask us how to spend your time actively, or just enjoy the terrace with views of green nature.

Natural attractions in the area

  • Cerknica lake
  • Snežnik mountain
  • Bloke Lake
  • Križna jama cave
  • Križna gora mountain
  • Various hiking paths around the Valey
  • Iška Canyon
  • Rakov Škocjan Nature Park
  • Postojna Cave
  • Kolpa and Čabranka valleys

Cultural and other facilities

  • Snežnik Castle
  • Numerous churches in the valley
  • Castle ruins above Lož village

Activities you can do

  • Road and mountain biking. Enjoy asphalt and sand roads with little traffic. Ask us for suitable routes in the forests of Javornik, around Snežnik and on the roads of Notranjska and nearby Gorski Kotar.
  • Running and walking in nature. Discover endless paths in summer cool forests. Maybe you meet some deer, fox or even a bear.
  • Swimming in Lake Cerknica or Bloke. If you are a fan of cold water, we will show you the way to the hidden corners of the Iška river and other cooler streams, where you can forget about the summer heat.
  • Cross-country skiing when winters endow us with snow. Bloke plateau is known for cross-country skiing, so cross-country trails are being prepared there and sometimes near our facilities as well. You can try roller skating in the summer instead. Visit our caves. A nearby Križna jama offers unique underground experience. The famous Postojna Cave is about 35 minutes away from our location by car.