Dear guests!

We wish you a pleasant welcome in our holiday home.
We try to make every guest who stays with us feel nice and carefree. To avoid any inconvenience, we kindly ask you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the house rules.
By confirming the reservation, it is understood that you are familiar with the house rules and will follow them.


Arrivals - departures

• We accept guests by appointment. The usual time for arrival and reception of guests is from 15:00 to 22:00. It is desirable to report the time of arrival. An earlier arrival is possible by arrangement in case the house is vacant in the morning.
• On the last day of your stay, you must leave the house by 11:00. Later departure is possible by arrangement in case the house is vacant.
• Overnight stays of unregistered persons are not allowed.

• You will receive the key at check-in. Please lock the house and keep the keys safe and with you at all times. When checking out or on the day of departure, hand them over to the host or discard in the mailbox as agreed. Any loss of keys is charged to the guest € 15.00 / key.
• Night peace lasts from 22.00 to 7.00. Despite the fact that the house is intended for a closed group of people, please note that there are also neighbors nearby.
• Smoking is prohibited in all areas. In case of violation the guest is charged for dry cleaning of the room. Smoking is also prohibited on the terrace, as embers can damage the floor or even cause a fire. Use the green areas around the building for smoking, and discard the embers in designated areas.
• The house is fully equipped: bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils, utensils and some kitchen utensils. A cleaning cloth, sponge, detergent and wipes are provided for cleaning.
• Please handle inventory carefully. Changing the layout of the interior is prohibited. The guest is responsible for leaving the house in the condition it was taken over. Removal of inventory, towels and other equipment available for use in the house is not allowed.
• The guests are liable for damage caused by their fault or the fault of those for whom they are responsible for and those who visit them. We reserve the right to charge the guest for any damage found, regardless of when the damage was found. We also reserve the right to terminate or not offer our services to guests who violate house rules or disrupt the neighborhood by inappropriate behavior.
• In the event of any damage to your apartment, please notify us immediately by phone +386 41 971 316 or +386 41 304 383.
• Parking is free for guests of our house. We are not responsible for any burglary or damage to a car parked in the parking lot.
• Towels are changed twice a week or by arrangement, and bed linen once a week or by agreement.
• Burning in stoves, wood stoves or grills is only permitted by prior arrangement and subject to strict instructions. We will be happy to help you create the pleasant warmth of a wood stove.

Fire safety
• Upon arrival at the house, familiarize yourself with the fire regulations that hang in the hallway to the right of the main door and in the hallway upstairs, and with the layout of fire extinguishers.
• Use fire extinguishers according to the instructions. Abuse is charged.
• If you cannot put out the fire yourself, call the fire brigade 112 immediately and leave the house. If the path is closed due to a fire, stay in the room, seal any gaps in the door with wet towels and draw attention to yourself when the window is open.
• Please be careful when cooking. Always make sure you turn off the electrical panel before leaving the facility.
• Bringing and using heating and cooking appliances is prohibited due to fire safety.
• The introduction of flammable and explosive substances or substances with an unpleasant odor into the premises of the house is strictly prohibited.
• In the event of intentional triggering of a fire alarm without a cause or triggering due to smoking, cooking, etc., in rooms where this is prohibited, the perpetrator covers the costs of firefighting intervention.

House pets
• By arrangement, we are happy to receive guests with pets.
• Pets are charged extra.
• Pets should always be with the owner to prevent them from causing any damage. For hygienic reasons, they are not allowed in the bedrooms. Pets are not allowed to use used by guests. These are, for example, sofas, chairs, loungers and similar equipment. The owner is responsible for any damage that may occur in the house and its surroundings and is obliged to clean and cover all costs associated with any damage to the pet.

Cleaning and maintenance
• In the care of the environment, guests are asked to use water and energy sparingly. The house is perfectly insulated, so please open the windows for emergency ventilation during the heating season and ventilate the house at night and in the morning during the summer season.
• Please collect waste separately to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. There are baskets in the kitchen for
a. Large basket for cans, plastic packaging, foils, tetrapacks,
b. Small glass basket,
c. Small bin for other waste,
d. The paper should be stored in a safe place in the kitchen or hallway,
e. Plastic box for organic waste (under the sink).
• Separation trash cans are located
    o in front of the house for cans, plastic packaging, foils, tetrapacks (yellow container)
    o in front of the house for other waste (green container)
    o on an ecological island in the village for paper and glass (or the guest can leave them in the building in a suitable place)
    o We will take care of organic waste left in plasti box
• During your stay you are obliged to take care of the order and cleanliness of the house.
• Before leaving the house, please wash all the dishes behind you and put them in place.
• Final cleaning is included in the price of your stay. In case you would like your apartment or room to be cleaned more often, please inform us on +386 41 971 316. The service is charged according to the valid price list.
• Goods available to guests at an additional cost are charged according to the price list.

• If you have any wishes or comments regarding your stay with us, please let us know:
• +386 (0) 41 971 316 Andreja
• +386 (0) 41 304 383 Marko
• +386 (0) 41 861 481 Srečko
• We reserve the right to change house rules.

Important telephone numbers
• Firefighters and ambulances: 112
• Police: 113
• Cerknica Health Center: +386 1 70 50 100
• Stari trg Health Unit: +386 1 70 50 163 or +386 1 70 50 166

Lož, 24.06.2022